Do you know The Best Features and Tricks of WhatsApp

new whatsapp features

WhatsApp is the biggest messaging App in term of the user from all over the world. And obviously you are one of them, but if I ask you the question, “Do you know all the features of WhatsApp and do you tried it all at once, then you will think for the twice before answering.

Today I will introduce you about 8 features of WhatsApp, which you would hardly know about.

Decorate Your Message With “Bold” and “Italic” & “Effect”:

whats app bold and italic effect

Many times you received the message that contains the Bold, highlighted or Italic, Strikethrough effect (fewer part or all message), then you can also write the message with bold effect. Just you need to tap and hold over the message after writing the text. Now you will see the cut, copy, paste, share, bold and three dot option, clicking over three dots you can give your message the Bold Italics and Strikethrough effect.

Or If your WhatsApp is not updated with the latest update, you try it manually try using below tricks:

For “Bold, Effect:

You have to use the star (*) before and after the word i.e *Example*, and send to your contact.

For “Italic” Effect:

Use underscore (_) before and after the word i.e _Example_, and send to your contact

Different Colours of Emojis:

different colors of whatsapp emojis

Do you know the single WhatsApp emoji have an option of 6 colors? For the same just you have to tap and hold the emoji that you want to send. you will see the different colors options after tapping and hold the emoji, you can select your favorite color for the emoji and send it to your contacts.

Edit Videos and Messages in WhatsApp Before Sending:

WhatsApp Trim Videos

Many people know this feature, but if you are not aware of this feature then let us tell you that you can edit the message and videos in WhatsApp before sending it to someone else. Before sending the multimedia like photos you can see the edit option on the left above the side, from where you can edit the photo message or video with adding the emojis or another editing.

Send Message to Yourself:

send message to yourself on whats app

Just you have to create a group with a friend and remove him after creating the group, now you are the only person in the group and you can send messages to yourself.

Prevent Photos and Videos From the Automatic Download:

stop automatic download in whatsapp

Your phone memory and data pack get to end soon because of automatically downloaded photos and videos on your WhatsApp application. To get rid of the same you can go to WhatsApp settings and click on data and storage option and stop the media auto download.

Backup Your Chat on Your Personal Email:

whats app chat backupSometimes we want to save some special people message for the future. Then you have to go to WhatsApp settings click on chat and then click on chat backup, where you Will find the email backup option for your message, after that you have to select the contact name for the same you need for chat backup, now you can backup your chat and send it to your email ID.

Clear Chat:

clear whats app chat

If your phone storage memory is full then you can delete unnecessary chats or the chats that you don’t need in future. Just you have to click on WhatsApp contact name go to chat and above the left side you will see the three dots, click on the dots and go to Clear Chat and delete the chat with clicking over the Clear Chat.

Broadcast WhatsApp Message: 

Send one Message to Multiple People at the Same Time

broadcast whatsapp message

You can use the WhatsApp broadcast feature to send the same message to multiple people. Just you have to click about the left side of WhatsApp you will see the New Broadcast options now click on the New Broadcast and prepare the list of contact with selecting each contact and now you can broadcast it to your selected contact list that you prepared.



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