things you should not ask to google

Nowadays we are fully dependent on the Internet and Google. The condition has become like if we need any small to smallest information then we immediately get into a shelter of Mr. Google. Today we will tell you about the things should not ask Google otherwise you can go to the Jail.

Well, let me tell you that Google answers your questions and doubts all the time, but Google can also send you to jail if you search any illegal phrases over Google. Let us know what is illegal to search on Google.

Do Not Search, Download The New Movies:

do not download new movies

Don’t search on Google to download new movies that released recently, not even by forgetting. However, the government (TRAI) has blocked the website that enables the users to download the pirated movies, but many sites are still active and running and providing the users to download the pirated copy of the newly released movies.

Do Not Search About The Weapons On Google:

No not search about weapons on google

Apart from this don’t search over Google about any kind of weapons I.e. Where you will find the particular weapon. Because cyber cell always has eyes on these types of website and searches, and without any reason, police can call you for the inquiry.

Do Not Search About to Suicide on Google:

dont Search About to Suicide on Google

Suicide is a crime, so don’t search over the Google about any kind of Suicide information, Police can arrest you even after searches the phrases related to this on the charge of harming yourself.

Do Not Search Secret or Personal Information On Google:

Do Not Search Secret or Personal Information On Google

The thing or any personal information that you should only keep with yourself, don’t search about the same over Google, because it can make your secret information visible to hackers. For an example search on Google about credit card information with a credit card number. Also, do not click on the link that appears on Google with your bank’s name, because hackers sometimes show you fake links with the help of Google and hackers reaches to your bank account when you enter your bank Internet Banking password. Always use the Internet banking with typing the URL into the browser.

Do Not Search About Child Porn On Google:

Do Not Search About Child Porn On Google

Stop searching on Google from today about child porn, if you are searching for it on Google or the internet for a reason or without a reason. Watching the Child Porn, collecting information related to child porn, praising the child porn is illegal in India and this can get you in big trouble.

Do Not Search About Bomb or Explosive Materials On Google:

Do Not Search About Child Porn On Google

The cybercrime and Police’s eyes always on youtube channels and website who tell the method of explosive material or ways to build a Bomb. When you visit these kinds of websites or YouTube channel, police can arrest you on the basis of tracking your IP address.

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