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Once the Indian cricket team was very slow in term of fielding. But now Indian fielding side is the strongest team of world cricket. Apart from producing some great batsman and spinners India also has introduced some great fielders to the world cricket. Modern Indian team wins many international matches with their smart fielding efforts. Everyone in the world has praised the modern Indian cricket teams fielding side. Here we are talking about top 5 best fielders of Indian cricket team:

#1 Suresh Rainasuresh raina

Very well example cricket is knowing with the name “Game of Gentleman”. He is a real gentleman of cricket. A left-handed middle order attacking batsman, part-time spinner and awesome fielders.

 A stylish left-handed batsman many times hits a winning knocks with a bat, his clean sixes can be seen again and again. Also, he is known for Mr. IPL.

Apart from these things he is one of the best fielders in the world and India definitely have. He did some unbelievable run outs, extra brilliant catches and uncountable run savings for his team. He is even more dangerous while fielding close to the batsman. All we can say he rock the field with his fielding Raina is the backbone of India cricket team while playing in the team.

Fielding giant of cricket Jonty Rhodes tells an interviewer Suresh Raina is his favorite India fielder among all. As he very good and fast in points field, he is unbelievable in throws and runs outs. He was also the favorite player of ex Indian coach Greg Chappell. His contribution to fielding in cricket is incredible.

#2 Mohammad Kaifmohammad kaif

Mohammad Kaif- Very sweet and loving cricketer of his time. He represented India in 2003 world cup when India reached in finals. He was the reason Sourav Ganguly gets shirtless in Lords after winning the Natwest Trophy finals. And he was undoubtedly the greatest Indian cricketer on the fields. His speed was unbelievable behind the ball.

He was very smart fielders as he taken many impossible catches on the ground, fast throw and run outs. Mohammad Kaif was the first Indian cricketer who raise the awareness about fielding in Indian cricket team.

Mohammad Kaif in his playing days was the best fielder in the world and no can deny this fact. He has taken many marvelous catches during his career, but his fantastic jump and catch of Shoaib Malik on the boundary Will be remembered always as he confirmed India’s win in the match with that catch in 2014 India tour of Pakistan.

#3 Yuvraj Singhyuvraj singh

Attacking left-handed batsman, taking wickets for the team in a critical situation or his fielding appearance. He dedication for cricket cannot be compared. He is very smart with his moves and has the ability to destroy any batsman inning if the ball is near to him. He shows us many memorable catches on the cricket field.

Yuvraj’s catch in 2002 championship trophy and the match against Bangladesh in 2004 will be remembered always. Yuvraj Singh will be counted as one of the finest and top Indian fielders in Cricket of all time.

#4 Virat Kohlivirat kohli

Who doesn’t know him or anything that is related to the Virat Kohli? And why not! he is the greatest batsman of the modern era. He is achieving the milestone in cricket every day.

How can we forget his fielding appearance on the field? Apart from a great batsman, he is really one of the great fielders of Indian cricket team. His brilliant throws to run outs, his efforts to save the runs and his beautiful catches are awesome.

#5 Ravindra Jadejaravindra jadeja

Match winning all-rounder of Indian cricket team. Apart from the Bat and the Ball, he delivered a promising fielding effort on the field. Sir Ravindra Jadeja is undoubted will be counted for his all rounding performance and his fielding appearances. Jadeja made Indian fielding side very solid with his presence on the field.

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