SUI DHAAGA Movie Rating: 3.5/5

Movie Plot: 

Mamta (Anushka Sharma) and Mauji (Varun Dhawan) are a married couple. They are frustrated with their employer and want to start their own business. But he didn’t get support from his family and also faces the dishonest relatives, how he gets success after lots of difficulties this movie is all about. This movie comes from the same genre “Secret Superstar and “Pdadman”.


Movie Story:

Mauji an average Indian man always says “all is fine” after his daily life struggle and problems. You will find the full of entertainment material in this movie. Whatever it is Mauji’s personal problems, his profession, scolding of the owner, his sick mother or the rude father who always gets angry on Mauji. Mauji’s wife Mamta didn’t get enough time to love his husband due to the daily problems and the work. Later Mamta suggests Mauji start his own business for. Finally, Mauji decides to bring a sewing machine and puts it on the road to start his own work for self-respect. SUI DHAAGA is the normal life story of a common man. Struggling with family and other daily life issues, Mauji and Mamta somehow manage to start their dream work. The film runs between many characters.


Varun Dhawan plays the character of common Indian” man very well, He rocks as Mauji. Varun is getting better with his every film from “Student of The Anushka Sharma adopts and lives her role easily in a normal Saree with less makeup. You will see the love and romance between these common characters. Raghuveer Yadav as Mauji’s father will definitely impress you. Aabha Parmaar as Mauji’s mother is great because she always did a justification with her character she played.

sui dhaga movie review


Director Sharat Kataria keeps this movie very real. He gets success to settle all the character in the first half of the movie.  Dialogues are written well enough to make you laugh despite from daily life problems. The movie script is the weakest point in the movie. One will expect much more than this “SUI DHAAGA” from the director Sharat Kataria after the movie like “Dam Lag Ke Haisa”. music and song track looks relevant to the movie Screenplay could be better but not as bad as to do not decide to watch this flick. The movie does not seem to teach you the lesson and you can not guess the end of the movie.

What’s Good:

Brilliant acting of Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma and supporting cast. A good story and fair direction

What’s Bad:

Few times he gets too serious and enough to makes you feel bored.

Watch or Not:

You can watch the movie SUI DHAAGA for the excellent performance of Varun and Anushka and see the story of a common man struggle.

User Rating: 3.5/5

Duration: 122 Minutes

Cast: Varun Dhawan, Anushka Sharma, Raghuveer Yadav, and supporting cast

Director: Sharat Kataria

Release Date: 28 Sept 2018

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