PATAAKHA Movie Review & Rating: 3/5

User Rating: 3.5/5

Star Cast: Sanya Malhotra, Radhika Madan, Sunil Grover, and Vijay Raj.

Director: Vishal Bhardwaj


What’s good?

Desi Characters, Desi Look, and Angle of showing Indian Village, hard work by the star cast of the movie are the good things about the movie.

What’s bad?

Scriptwriting could be better than this and Long run movie to show the two sister fight could feel you bored in the 2nd half.

Watch or Not?

The movie is entertaining at all, if you are looking for the new genre movie or you like Vishal Bhardwaj films then you can go and watch the movie.

PATAAKHA Movie Plot:

Filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj is famous to make the films on novels. This time he chose the short story of “Charan Singh Pathik “that is based on the story of two sisters and named the movie “PATAAKHA”. This time he has brought many things of his childhood into “PATAAKHA”.  Although his childhood was largely associated with “OMKARA”, but this time the film story has a different genre.  The fight of two sisters, through which they connect the battle of India and Pakistan, And with a fun he gives the light message that these two sisters are the only treatment- war and then long peace. The biggest face of his film is Dr. Mashhoor Gulati means Sunil Grover. The rest of the cast are in the lead roles like Dangle Fame Sanya Malhotra and Radhika Madan, besides Vijay Raj, Sanand Varma, Namit Das, and Abhishek Dube. “PATAAKHA” is a DESI movie with full to DESI characters for that Vishal is famous Movie has been shot in Rajasthan. (Keep reading the Pataakha Movie Review)


PATAAKHA Movie Story:

PATAAKHAis a story of two sister CHAMPA (Radhika Madan) and GENDA Kumari (Sanya Malhotra). Who are the big enemies of each other and fight badly on the point of view and beat them badly. Their father loves them so much but he is upset with their fights, he is a miner’s contractor and troubled by money. These two teenage village girls don’t have the mother but they are very smart. These sisters don’t like each other anyhow. After some time their marriage is decided. But both of these sisters run away and married with their lovers. When the two arrive home with their boyfriend, they suddenly know that their husbands are real brothers and they both accidentally become the sister in laws. They feel really sad about this. Now the problem is they don’t want to live together in the same house.  And decides to focus on their dream, teacher and dairy business. DIPPER (Sunil Grover) helps them in the situation. He is a family friend and helps them. DIPPER helps them from running away with their lovers; also he manipulates the sisters to fight and later friendship. The character of DIPPER is not a part of “Charan Singh Pathik “story but Vishal Bhardwaj added this in the film.

PATAAKHA Movie Review: Direction & Music

PATAAKHA” is tropical VISHAL BHARDWAJ movie, he shows the daughter and father love brilliantly. The film is entertaining till the first half. The film makes you laugh with dialogues and expressions. But movie duration feels long to see the fight of two sisters. Story writing could be better. Moves get slow in 2nd half sometimes feels loud. It will be interesting to see how the urban audiences connect with the movie. Music is good with all the three songs “Tera Balma Gunda”…. “PAATAAKHA- Title Track” and “Gali Gali me Kulhad”.

 PATAAKHA Movie Review: Acting

All the characters of the film have played well. Sanya Malhotra and Radhika Madan worked hard for the movie and that shown in their characters, both they are perfect in DESI village girl avatar. No need to judge the potential of Sunil Grover as he is too good with the character in the film. Vijay Raj is very conscious in the role of Father.

Finale PATAAKHA Movie Review & Rating: 3/5 (3 Stars)

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