Laila Majnu Movie Rating: 3.5/5

User Rating: 3/5

laila majnu movie review

Movie Plot: Imtiaz Ali is a well-known name in the Bollywood industry, now the time for his brother Sajid Ali who directed this movie “Laila Majnu”. Earlier he directed the movie BANANA under JOHN Abraham production but due to lots of controversies, this movie can’t be released. This time Imtiaz Ali support his brother his brother at every step during the making of Ekta Kapoor Production “Laila Majnu”. In the 2nd half of the movie, Imtiaz has directed the movie too; it is difficult to make the movie with a new star cast. But as of the end movie falls in right place. This movie has been shot snowy placards of Kashmir that shows a different story in itself.

Movie Story:

Kaish Bhatt (Avinash Tiwari), a Kashmiri youngster is a son on the rich businessman. There is animosity between Kaish & Laila’s fathers, they share the figure of 36 between each other. Tripti Dimri is playing the lead actress as Laila in the film. Meanwhile, this love story started at this point and its obvious both families didn’t ready to accept this relationship, regardless of Kaish & Laila started meeting each other. And when they faced their family then where this Love story reached and how this will ends, to know the same you have to watch the full movie.

laila majnu review

Direction: Director Sajid Ali finds a below average scattered script. The minus point of Laila Majnu is, this story has a script of one-sided love. As a debut director Sajid Ali is Impressive, with the cinematography of Sayak Bhattacharya, they captured the incredible scenery of Kashmir that never seen before in movies. You need a different level of sensitivity to understand the love, if you will able to set yourself at right place for the movie then definitely you will praise the movie. Songs and music definitely suit the love story.


Debut actor Avinash Tiwari worked hard also did very good homework and lives their character with the justification that you will see in the movie. He will make his new identification in glamour Industry after this movie Laila Majnu. Kashmiri actors Meer Sarwar & Sumit Kaul acted really well and you will remember them after watching the movie. Also, Tripti Dimri fills her character “Laila” with a solid appearance.

 What’s good?

The brilliant effort from a debut director, actor, and actress-trio, songs and the new corner of presenting the movie

What’s bad?

This movie is not for normal people who expect everything to understandable in an easy manner. Most people will find it difficult to connect with.

Loo Break?

This is a kind of movie, either you will connect with the story or not, if you will connect yourself with movie story then definitely you will not find any loo break in the movie.

Watch or Not? Watch if you like Imtiaz Ali movies like Rockstar, Tamasha, etc. This movie is not for people who expect everything normal.

Star Cast: Avinash Tiwary, Tripti Dimri, Parmeet Sethi, Benjamin Gilani, Sumit Kaul

Director: Sajid Ali

Release Date: 7 September 2018

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