2.0 movie review

2.0 Movie Rating: 4/5

2.0 Movie Review: Plot

In the start of the Movie a Ornithologist Pakshirajan (Akshay Kumar) attempts suicide by jumping from the mobile tower. So that he can take revenge from humans. Because the birds are getting harmed and died due to mobile network radiation. Later it becomes the war between  Pakshirajan  & 2.0 (An upgraded version of “Chitthi”).

2.0 Movie Review: Story

Pakshirajan is an old man & Ornithologist attempts suicide.  Suddenly the people gets shocked because their mobile phones started flying in the air. After this, Vashikaran(Rajinikanth) and his assistant Neela (Amy Jackson) appears Neela is a robot, who looks like a human made by the Vashikaran. Vashikaran is called to investigate about this case. Later,  there is a entry of big bird in the city, made of mobile phones. The bird starts attacking over the city. .After this incident, Vashikaran, is forced to bring back their robot “Chitti”. What would be the next, you have to watch the full movie in your nearby cinemas. 2.0 movie review

2.0 Movie Review: Acting & Performance

This is what we know Rajinikanth for. His characters are larger than life and this time 2.0 is too special for him. He gives his every dedication to 2.0 that can be seen easily. 2.0 justified clearly why RajiniKanth should never age. He puts his everything in 2.0 !! Respect for the legend.

Akshay Kumar!! How many time you will amaze us with your flicks and ultimatum. Akshay did his job brilliantly, even in front of Rajinikanth. He connect very well with his character, emotionally & mentally, he totally nailed it. Amy Jackson is also good with her appearance. Other characters are average but this movie is not around them, so that’s OK. 

2.0 Movie Review: Direction

Director Shankar has added a one more milestone in Indian Cinema. 2.0 movie review is out now and there are no possibilities of one can reach at the nearby level of 2.0 in soon time. Also it has passed the parameter of Baahubali 2, before the release of the movie people and critics were comparing 2.0 with Baahubali 2. It’s great to see the the VFX and story matches really well together, nothing overlaps each other in the movie. I would recommend everyone to watch this movie in 3D screen for the best outcome of your money. Really salute to Shankar for his brilliance. 


2.0 Music Review:

You will not find any song in the movie during its run time and this is the very good call by Shankar as per the demand of the movie genre, Oscar Winner A. R. Rahman has given the 2.0’s background music and that fits really as according to the movie run.

What’s Good:

Direction, Acting, A.R. Rahman’s background music, VFX story and action every thing can be watch twice. Also the Emotional angle works very well.

What’s Bad:

Worth considering the movie budget is 550 crore, do you really think you are going to see something bad in this movie that can bore you for a minutes, No Chance!!

Watch or Not?

Must Watch!!! All the hard work, time of 3 years and money spent is just to provide you something extraordinary and that’s the movie is. Watch in 3D for best outcome. GO and Enjoy!!

2.0 Movie Star Cast: Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson

Director: S. Shankar

Release Date: 29th November 2018

Users Rating: 4.5/5

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