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Latest Me Too Update is Tanu Shree Dutta has filled RS 10 Crore defamation suit against Bollywood actresses and model Rakhi Sawant. Recently in a Media interaction, Rakhi Sawant had criticized Tanu Shree Dutta for raising the 10-year-old issue; she also said “Tanu had taken drugs and she was not conscious for more than 4 hours” and if she was not conscious then how she accused someone of sexual harassment.

Now Tanu Shree Dutta replied with sending RS 10 Crores defamation suit against Rakhi. Dutta had also filed an FIR against Rakesh Sarang, Ganesh Acharya, and Nana Patekar. Nitin Satpure, Lawyer of Tanu Shree had told to media “We have filled RS 10 Crore defamation case against Rakhi Sawant for fogging my client’s character.” Also, he said, If Rakhi will found guilty then she will be fined or she can go to jail for years, also a scope for both punishments fined & jailed.

Here is the interview video of Rakhi Sawant, where Rakhi accusing Tanu Shree of being fake:

Worth considering remind Rakhi Sawant had replaced the Tanu Shree Dutta in Bollywood movie “Horn OK Please”, after disputing between Nana Patekar and Tanu Shree when Nana was alleged by Tanu Shree that Nana grabbed her so tightly against the script. After the incident, she got angry leaves the set and went into her vanity

And when after Me Too movement in India Tanu Shree had raised the same issue again and accused Nana Patekar. Later in an Interview, media asked to Rakhi about the same allegations Rakhi replied “The allegations are fake against Nana Patekar Ji and Ganesh Acharya. Was Tanu Shree Dutta in coma since last 10 years? I respect women, I support women. She came to India from America after 10 years, her bank balance is empty, she doesn’t have any work isn’t means she will accuse the Nana Ji” Rakhi Said.

Here is another video of Rakhi Sawant of accusing Rakhi Sawant of talking nonsense:


Apart from filing a defamation case against Rakhi Sawant, Tanu Shree Dutta has not replied yet in media as his lawyer is dealing with it.

Now it is pending and matter of concern how Rakhi will react on RS 10 crore defamation against her from Tanu Shree Dutta.

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