MeToo Movement in India

If we talk about #MeToo movement effect in India, Since Tanushree Dutta has accused Nana Patekar of sexual abuse under the influence of #Metoo, Many Bollywood stars have been accused under #MeToo movement. Many actresses have come forward and accused many Bollywood celebrities for sexual harassment. So far, dozens of Bollywood celebrities have been accused under #MeToo campaign.

Here is the list of Celebrities name who Accused under #MeToo Movement in India:

Nana Patekar

nana patekar me tooAashik Banaya Apne” actresses Tanu Shree Dutta accused of Sexual harassment on Nana Patekar under the #MeToo Movement, Since then to now there has been an Earthquake in the Bollywood industry. Tanu Shree Dutts has raised a 10-year-old issue. Tanu Shree has stated that “ 10 years ago during the shooting of “Horn OK Please” Nana Patekar touched her in the wrong manner. She complained about the same with movie director and producers but no one came to help her. While Nana is denying the allegations against him.

Vikas Bahlvikas bahl me too allegations

Queen” movie director Vikas Bahl accused of sexual harassment by Ex female employee of PHANTOM FILMS (Production House of Anurag Kashyap that is no more). She told, Drunken Vikas Bahl harassed her sexually in 2015 during the promotional event of Film Bombay Velvet. Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya support the lady. Vikas Bahl is director of upcoming Bollywood movie “SUPER 30”, but after sexual allegation over him Hrithik Roshan left the movie by stating “I can’t work with someone like Vikas who facing the allegations of sexual harassment”.

Sajid Khansajid khan accused for me too movement

Film director Sajid Khan facing the allegations of Sexual harassment later #MeToo movement in India. So far, 4 ladies have accused him after #MeToo movement. One is a Journalist, one is his ex-assistant and two are Bollywood actresses. Even actresses Bipasha Basu and Diya Mirza have shared her working experiences with Sajid Khan. They had told how Sajid Khan used to tell dirty and abusive jokes during the film shooting. Also, Sajid accepted himself that he cheated and treated many women badly in his 20’s.

Anu Malikanu malik me too movement

Two Bollywood female singers Sona Mohapatra & Shweta Pandit accused Anu Malik after #MeToo movement. According to Shweta, Anu Malik did her sexual harassment when she was very young and she used to call him Uncle. She told Anu Malik demanded kiss for work. She said Anu is a sexual hunter and he misbehaved with her when she was a newbie in the film industry. Apart from these singers, two more women accused Anu Malik with the condition of not revealing their names. Now Anu Malik is out from the judging panel of “India Idol 10”.

Chetan Bhagatchetan bhagat me too movement

A woman has shared a screenshot of a conversation with Chetan Bhagat on social media and accused him of Sexual harassment. After that Chetan Bhagat is being discussed all over. Although he has apologized after this by writing a post on social media. He writes a post on Facebook “There is a great sorrow for this incident. I’m sorry. This conversation is several years old. Chetan Bhagat has also apologized to the woman along with his wife Anusha”.

Tanmay Bhatchetan bhagat me too movement

Co-founder of “All India Bakchod” Tanmay Bhat” also facing the sexual allegations after #MeToo movement. AIB shard a written statement on social media that AIB is stepping away, so far Tanmay is facing the sexual allegations under #MeToo.

Varun Groverchetan bhagat me too movement

Varun Grover is a Lyricist a story, script, and a screenwriter, also an Indian Comedian. Varun is a writer of famous web series “Sacred Games” Season 1, produced by Netflix India.  An unknown women accused him on social media about sexual harassment when he was in the team of Phantom Films. Netflix gets a step away from Varun Grover after his name in #MeToo movement and decided to not work with Varun Grover in next season of “Sacred Games”. Although Anurag Kashyap denies these allegations over Varun Grover and supports him over this.

Kailash Kherchetan bhagat me too movement

Bollywood Sufi Singer Kailash Kher is facing many more sexual allegations under #MeToo movements. His list of allegations is so long, So far he is accused by A photographer, A Journalist, A Fan, and 3 Female singers. More than 6 women have accused Kailash Kher yet.

Very first he was accused by Singer Sona Mohapatra.

Later author Sandhya Menon post screenshots on Twitter and tells the incident of journalist harassed by Kailash Kher.

Photographer Natasha Hemrajani on October 6th, 2018 stated that Kailash accused her and her friend.

On October 8th, 2018, Simran Soni alleged Kailash Kher on twitter.

Singer Varsha Dhanoa alleged Kailash on October 15th, 2018. She told to ANI reporter:

She met Kailash Kher first time in 2015 on Dubai International Airport and exchanged their numbers and clicked some pictures. They started texting, one day Kailash asked her to meet over the call, he said he likes her and wants to love and make out with her.”

Alok Nathalok nath me too movement

Writer and producer Vinita Nanda alleged Alok Nath for rape. Vinata told that Alok Nath had given him plenty of wine and then raped her. This incident is 19 years old, after alleged, Alok Nath filled a defamation case against Vinita Nanda seeking a compensation of INR 1 Rupees.

Apart from Vinita, 4 other women have alleged Alok Nath under #MeToo Movement. Bollywood and TV actresses Sandhya Mridul accused Alok Nath of harassment. She had worked with him, she said “ Once drunken Alok Nath misbehaved with her in a hotel room. He forcibly entered her room and started shouting that you are mine…I want you, he abused and warned her. Irritated her by calling in many nights.

Rajat Kapoorrajat kapoor me too movement

Actor Rajat Kapoor has been alleged by two women, one is a journalist. Rajat said to a journalist over a phone call to ask a question “Your voice seems like you are so sexy. Not only this, but he also asked the woman about her body measurements. After the allegations, Rajat gives an instant reply. He tweeted “I tried to live my whole life as a good human being. But if by mistake I said something wrong to someone that hurt someone’s sentiments, then I really apologize for that.”

Luv Ranjanluv ranjan me too movement

Me Too movement Storm also hits the Luv Ranjan. Director of “Pyaar Ka Punchnama” Luv Ranjan facing the allegations of misconduct. An unknown woman has accused her, she stated “during the audition of “Pyaar Ka Punchnama  “Luv Ranjan asked her to strip her clothes and also asked some very private questions like Are you single, do you have a boyfriend, do you use the condom and do you masturbate”. But Luv Ranjan defend himself and wrote contradictory allegations against him “Since I have listened to these allegations, I want to react. I want to shout louder and cry that everyone has gone crazy.

Rohit Roy

rohit roy me too movement

The name of TV-film actor Rohit Roy has also come out in under #MeToo movement. Rohit has accused by a woman of being forcible. The woman has alleged that Rohit used to harass her at the age of 16. Also sent messy messages. The woman told that Rohit Roy sometimes abused me and tried to misbehave with me, and at that time his wife was present in a neighbor side room.

Subhash Ghaisubhash ghai me too movement

A few days ago a woman alleged famous Bollywood director and producer Subhash Ghai to attempting rape by feeding intoxicants. Subhash Ghai denied these allegations and warned to filling the defamation case against media.

Now the model and TV actresses Kate Sharma have appeared to alleged Subhash Ghai. She said, “Ghai told her to massage him and later he tried to kiss and hugs her”.

After these allegations, Subhash Ghai called himself a big supporter of #MeToo movement. He also tweeted that his lawyers will see the case ahead.

Vinod Dua:vind dua me too movement

Recently journalist Vinod Dua was accused of sexual harassment by the filmmaker Nishtha Jain. Nishtha shared a long post on Facebook and alleged Vinod Dua. According to Nishtha “When she meets him in 1989 then Vinod Dua passed a few dirty jokes over her, even he used to pursue her until she didn’t get the job.

Vinod Dua has not replied yet after three allegations over him, but his daughter Mallika Dua writes an open letter to Nishtha Jain. She wrote “ If these allegations are right her father is guilty and this very painful and unacceptable. She wrote she supports #MeToo movement and she stands with her father.

Jatin Das:jatin das me too movement

Jatin Das is a famous India painter and sculpture, he is the father of Bollywood actresses, Nandita Das. 76-year-old Jatin Das facing the allegations of sexual harassment by more than 4 women. Very first the Conservationist activist Nisha Bora accused Jatin Das on October 16th, 2018 and said “ He harassed her sexually at his studio at Khidki Gao.

Galusha Katoch was the second one to alleged her. Jatin Das is also accused by Journalist Anushree Majumdar and Malvika Kundu.

Jatin Das was replied, “This is very dramatic and unprofessional, he can’t do anything with this.”

Shyam Kaushal:shyam kaushal me too movement

Father of Bollywood actor Vicky Kaushal and famous action director of Bollywood Shyam Kaushal. 2 women have accused him of misbehaving during shooting time.

Namita Prakash is assistant director, she said “In 2006 during the outdoor shoot, Shyam Kaushal invites her for Vodka. Later he started showing her the porn films after this she left the room.”

Apart from Namita one more women accused him. She said during the shoots he was calling her in his room but when she denied him. And after that, he starts making jokes of her on the set and harassed her mentally.

After the allegations, Shyam Kaushal replied, “Since the time he is in Bollywood industry he always tries to become a good human being personally and professionally. I never tried to disrespect any women’s sentiments. Some crew members have made serious allegations against me. If I hurt Someone unintentionally any woman or any staff member of production house then he really apologizes for the same.”

Mukesh Chhabra:

mukesh chabra me too allegation

Casting Director Mukesh Chhabra out from the film “Kiji aur Mauni”. Fox Star Studio decided to remove him from the film staff after sexual allegations against him. past week a woman alleged him for sexual harassment after #MeToo movement.

Actresses of the film Sanjana also accused Sushant Singh Rajput of being over friendly, She said she is feeling uncomfortable because of his over friendly nature. While Sushant rejected the allegations over him.

Vivek Agnihotrivivek agnihotri me too movement

After Nana Patekar, Tanu Shree Dutta accused Bollywood director Vivek Agnihotri. She said, “During the shoot of, “Chocolate-Deep Dark Secret” Vivek said, “Kapde Utarkar Naacho” (Strip and Dance). Although Sunil Shetty and Irfan Khan supports her at the time and said She doesn’t need to do that, she knows acting.

Mustak shaikh:

mustak shaikh me too allegations

Mustak Shaikh is Story and scriptwriter, producer and actor. he is screenwriter of “OM Shanti OM” “Billy Barber” and “Ra-one”. He has been alleged under #MeToo movement by Rahul Raj Singh. Rahul Raj is a TV actor and model. He was the boyfriend of Late TV actresses Pratyusha Banerjee. Rahul was also accused of dominating Pratyusha for suicide.

Rahul said “Mustak ask me to sleep together. And when I denied, Mustak ruined my career. I lost many all my roles in TV serials because I denied sleeping with him. Mustak is the reason, I not working in Industry.

MJ Akbar: mj akbar me too allegations

Foreign State Minister MJ Akbar resigned from his position on 17 October 2018 after alleged by more than 20 women’s for the sexual harassment.

MJ Akbar said in his resignation “ I will face these allegations personally.” Now he filled a defamation case against Journalist Priya Ramani. Later 19 more women journalist of newspaper agency “The Asian Edge” has come to support Priya Ramani. These women’s said they are the victim of MJ Akbar’s sexual harassment and also they have face harassment too from him.

Zulfi Syed:

zulfi syed me too movement allegaations

Zulfi Syed is an Indian Model and actor. He also was known as Zulfikar Syed. A women photojournalist has accused Zulfi Syed sexual harassment. She has told that she went on a cruise liner to shoot with some journalists. When she goes to Zulfi’s room to keep her charged phone then Zulf grab her and started Kissing her. Next day he apologized to her for his actions.

Rahul Johari: rahul johri me too movements allegations

Rahul Johri is CEO of BCCi and has been accused in #MeToo movement for sexual harassment. A woman author alleged him of facing a misconduct from Rahul Jigri during an interview when he was working as a General Manager with Discovery Network Asia Pacific. Later Discovery comes to rescue him and denied any kind of secular harassment case during his work period in Discovery  Network Asia Pacific.

Ashish Patil:

ashish patil me too movements allegations

Ashish Patil is a film producer, he made many films on Bollywood. After #MeToo movement he was alleged of sexual harassment.

After alleged Yash Raj Films removed him from all the services. Yash Raj Films tweeted “We have removed Ashish Patil from the position of Vice President- Brand Partnership, Talent Management, and Business & Creative head. We have seen the social account of Miss Japleen and also the incident of sexual harassment. We YRF wants to give safe workspace to women. It’s our responsibility to make the women’s safe if she comes for the audition or working for YRF.”

Kanan Gill:

kanan gill me too movements allegations

Indian standup comedian, actor, and YouTuber. A woman accused him that Kanan Gill had manhandled many of his friends and misconducted with them.


Utsav Chakraborty:

ursav chakrborty me too movement

Utsav Chakraborty is a comedian and working with All India Bakchod since few times. He gets accused of sexual harassment with a minor girl. And no take a dig at Utsav Chakraborty AIB team after knows everything. Now AIB says sorry after alleged Utsav’s name under #MeToo movement.


 Prashant Jha:prashant jha me too movements allegations

Subhash Kapoor:

ursav chakrborty me too movement

Gursimran Khamba:

gursimran khambha me too moment allegations

Abhijeet Bhattacharya

abhijeet bhattacharya me too moments allegation

Piyush Mishra:

piyush mishra me too movements allegation



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